fredag den 19. juni 2015

The corset pattern generator has been updated!

I just wanted to say, that I have updated the corset pattern generator, and you can find it in the sidebar to the right, together with a guide on how to take your measurements!

mandag den 2. februar 2015

The corset pattern generator is here!

As I have told earlier, I have been fiddling with laser cutting, 3d printing and much more, at the local FABLAB.

Lately I was introduced to the program processing, that allows you to draw stuff using programming. This sounded very handy, and within 72 hours of leaning of its existing, I had made my first program, the corset pattern generator.
As FABLABs are based on sharing knowledge, I am sharing my program here (see the sidebar under Pages), and in an instructable

What is the corset pattern generator?
The generator is a small program, that allows you to enter in the measurements of a person, and then the program generates a pdf file with a custom corset pattern, ready to print, or put into a laser cutter.

What is it based on?
The generator is written in processing, that needs to be downloaded in order to run it.
The method of drafting is based on the free guide to making corset pattern from Foundations Revealed.

Can I use it for...
You are welcome to use the generator for private purposes as it is, but please refrain from commercial use (it is my personal corset pattern it is based on). I am planning to make a guide on how to modify the generator to produce other corset styles, and when that is done and up, you are most welcome to modify it, and generate your own patterns for commercial use. 

So, what do you want in return?
Feedback!!! I love feedback!
What was good, what was bad (be polite), what are you missing, what are your experiences with it used in your size? Anything that I can use to make it better.

I will put up new versions as they develop, so do stick around and see what happends:)

onsdag den 5. november 2014

Lasercutting: branching into video tutorials

One of the main new things I have worked on during the maternity leave is lasercutting. I tried it out for the Icequeen ensemble, but after that I have worked on quite a few things.

A few people have asked how I get access to a lasercutter, and the answer is simple: FABLAB. Fablabs are fabrication laboratories, that allow normal people free access to high tech equipment like lasercutters, CNC cutters and 3D printers. There is a whole charter about it, but the main rules are:
  • No weapons
  • No commercial production
  • But DO DO DO share your knowledge!
As I am the only one at FABLAB RUC currently using the lasercutters for fabric it was thus natural to help the guys operating the Fablab in making an instruction video on how to cut fabric.


søndag den 2. november 2014

A step by step guide to a petticoat on instructables!

One of my last projects were this step by step guide to making a tulle petticoat for 50'ies dresses. I know I have posted one here a long time ago (in danish), but after I bought a pleating foot for my sewing machine it has become so much easier to make petticoats. I also started using my overlocker to treat the edges, giving a much less scratchy result.

So pop by and see my first instructable!

torsdag den 30. oktober 2014

The male corset

An other project I worked on during the maternity leave was a male corset.

I have wanted to make a male corset for quite some time, as as my own body was in no shape to get into a corset, this was the perfect time.

I found a model in Niels Laigaard Mikkelsen, a Makeup artist I have worked with on several occasions. Unfortunately the corset was finished very close to the birth of my son, so we do not have any fancy pictures of it, as I was using all my energy on my son.

I did however mannage to take some snapshots of the corset on a pillow, and I think it turned out rather lovely! The pink binding was rather hard to find, as it is lighter than fuchia but darker than pink, and we affectionally named it flamboyant pink:)

mandag den 27. oktober 2014

Another corset for Lady Effulgent

During my maternity leave I also created another corset for the burlesque performer Lady Effulgent, -this time a pink corset. This time she rhinestoned the corset herself after a sample I made, and to be honest I think she made it look stunning!

The corset was then used for an act together with Lea Blue Delmas for Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesques Way out west -Vauderville party in August, where Lea Blue delmas wore the black corset with rhinestones that I made for Lady Effulgent last year.

Don't they just look divine?

Photo by Mariam Zakarian

lørdag den 18. oktober 2014

The long silence

I know there has been a very long silence on the blog, but as you know from the last posts, I have been pregnant and am now the proud mother of a 5 month old little boy named Erik.

Now I haven't been completely inactive with the sewing machine, so in the coming days I am going to post about the different projects.

So, let's start with something for myself during the pregnancy:

When I was pregnant I was so lucky to go for a pregnancy shoot with one of my favorite photographers to work with Tine Sørensen. I made two peignoirs for the shoot, and the resulting photos were just what I hoped for.